[Artemisia] Re-constructing History OPINIONS?

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  Greetings to the list,
    I have been asked for an opinion on a pattern company called
    Re-Constructing History.  Here is there link.
    I have not used their patterns myself but they look good from what I can see.
    So, is this the case of a really good web site?  Or are they a fairly decent product.
    Has anyone used one of their patterns who can offer an educated opinion?
    I would appreciate it.  The question was specifically about their Hosen pattern found
    if you search Patterns / Elizabethan item RH001.
    Anyone have any info?
    Dame Rachel
  Kass' stuff? It's great, as far as I'm aware.  She's got the authenticity bug in a huge way, has written articles published in the TI, etc.  The company's spelled "Reconstructing History" without the apostrophe, though.
  I have not used her patterns myself, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them anyways, based on what I know of her and the interactions I've had with her over the years.

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