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Fri May 16 08:41:51 CDT 2008

Barony of Tir Ysgithr (Tucson, AZ) 
The Kingdom of Atenveldt is pleased to announce that Mistress Jadi Fatima
al-Ishfahani al-Samarkandiyya, OL of the Kingdom of Meridies has agreed to
attend the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Collegium as a Guest Instructor offering
six special classes in the "All Things Middle Eastern" track (see her class
descriptions at the end of this missive). 
Class registration will be available when you arrive onsite. However, you
can speed your entrance into the event by pre-paying your site fee on the
ACCEPS website (http://acceps.ansteorra.org/).Adult Members $12, Non-members
$15, Youth (10 to 17) $6, Youth under 10 years - FREE (these fees cover both

Event pre-registration is strongly recommended, especially if you are
interested in taking 9:30 AM classes on Saturday. The site opens at 8:30 AM
and we expect the line at troll will be long that day.  Pre-registration
will speed your entrance into the event, keep you on time for that first
class of the day, and allow you to be one of the first to sign up for
classes that have class limits!

For full information about the event and the full class list (over 110
classes!!), see the "Atenveldt Collegium 2008" page under Favorite Links at


1. TITLE: Murder, Scandal and Intrigue: Life in the Harem 
GUEST INSTRUCTOR (MERIDIES): Mistress Jadi Fatima al-Ishfahani
al-Samarkandiyya, OL
DESCRIPTION: Life for women in the Medieval Muslim East was very different
from what most modern Westerners think. The everyday fabric of a woman's
life could be silk brocade or felted wool, depending on when and where she
lived. This class is more story-telling, than lecture, covering several
women (powerful and not) highlighted to show the variation, drama and
mystery of women's lives. Sex, childbirth, executions, women warriors,
poetry, espionage and diplomatic intrigue all play a role. A handout will be
provided with a bibliography for further research. No children under the age
of 12 please, or between 12-18 without a parent present. 
CLASS LEVEL: Beginning
CLASS FEE?: 2.00 
2. TITLE: Bedouin Thobs: Dresses for the deep desert
GUEST INSTRUCTOR MERIDIES): Mistress Jadi Fatima al-Ishfahani
al-Samarkandiyya, OL
DESCRIPTION: The thob, or Bedouin robe, is one of the few examples we have
of "tribal" garments for which there is in-period evidence. This class is an
overview of the garment, it's history and construction. This is a loose
robe, as appropriate for the deserts of Atenveldt as it is for the deserts
of Arabia. This dress is simple to construct, easy to embellish, comfortable
to wear and beautiful for all figure types. It is beautiful when constructed
using sari fabrics but it is equally appropriate in cotton, linen or silk.
This dress is necessary for the performance of Khalidji-style dances, taught
at this collegium by Mistress Jadi. 
CLASS LEVEL: Beginning
CLASS FEE?: $2.00 
3. TITLE: Khalidji Dance
GUEST INSTRUCTOR (MERIDIES): Mistress Jadi Fatima al-Ishfahani
al-Samarkandiyya, OL
DESCRIPTION: This is a women's dance of the Bedouin peoples of Arabia. It is
a tribal dance, performed with the hair worn lose, and a special garment,
called a Thob. (Mistress Jadi is teaching a separate class on the
construction of the Thob.) You do not need to wear a Thob to articipate in
this class. If you have a large, light veil, bring it, it will be helpful.
This dance is rhythmic, sensual, elegant and simple to perform. The basic
footwork, shoulder, head and arm movements will be taught, along with the
history and meaning of this dance and instructions for performing the dance
as a group or solo.  This dance can be performed even by those with physical
difficulties. If you have concerns, please speak with the instructor at the
beginning of class. 
CLASS LEVEL: Beginning
4. TITLE: Middle Eastern Line Dancing for Men and Women 
GUEST INSTRUCTOR (MERIDIES): Mistress Jadi Fatima al-Ishfahani
al-Samarkandiyya, OL
DESCRIPTION: All cultures dance, it's part of what makes us human. In most
Middle Eastern cultures, there is at least one form of communal line dance
that involves the entire community. Women dance like women, and men dance
like men, but everyone dances.  This dance class is open to men and women of
all abilities (kids too, with a parent or guardian). You'll learn several
line dances from different regions, how to improvise, how to lead the line
and how to solo if you wish. These dances can be as simple or as subtle as
you like and they are lots of fun. 
CLASS LEVEL: Beginning
CLASS FEE?: $1.00 
5. TITLE: Developing a Middle Eastern or Central Asian Persona 
GUEST INSTRUCTOR (MERIDIES): Mistress Jadi Fatima al-Ishahani
al-Samarkandiyya, OL
DESCRIPTION: In the Society, a persona can be something as simple as a name,
or it can be much more. Most people can answer the basic questions such as
"What would you have worn at court?" "Who is your King or Sultan?" and "What
would you have eaten at his coronation feast?". Fewer people can answer
"What would you have eaten for breakfast that morning?", "What method of
transportation would you have taken?", "How many servants would you have
with you?", or "Who are the important political groups?" Fewer still can
answer, "What jokes would you have known?" "What kind of pets would you
have?" "What kind of mischief did you get into as a child that your parents
still laugh about?" and "What would you feed your child or spouse when
they're sick?"  This class is designed to help you decide how detailed a
persona you want, how to track down the information you want to know, how to
integrate it into your SCA life and how to have fun doing it. Handouts will
be available with a bibliography to help you dig up the good stuff. 
CLASS LEVEL: Beginning
CLASS FEE?: $2.00 
6. TITLE: Womens' 16th c Persian Hats and Headdresses 
GUEST INSTRUCTOR (MERIDIES): Mistress Jadi Fatima al-Ishfahani
al-Samarkandiyya, OL and Sayyida Sibilla
DESCRIPTION: This class will contain a historical overview of various types
of 16th c. Persian headdresses, how they were worn in period and how to
construct your own. The right headdress or hat completes your outfit, is
comfortable, flattering and great fun to make. Basic hand-sewing skills are
recommended for the hands-on portion of the class but all are welcome. In
this class all the materials and instruction needed will be provided to
create your own Persian headdress. Come to class prepared to hand finish
your own headdress. Class fee will cover all materials including
pre-stitched fabric strip, feathers, silk flowers, fake pearls, needles &
thread and handout. There will be 15 kits available, others may attend but
will not receive a kit. 
CLASS LEVEL: Intermediate
CLASS FEE?: $8.00 

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