[Artemisia] Uprising Work Party Info

Allen Hall earlalan at srv.net
Fri May 23 16:38:06 CDT 2008

Sorry for the lateness in posting this.....  I know that most of you have 
other, much more fun plans, but I wanted to post this for those who are 
nearby 1000 Eyes, and bored for the weekend, and have plenty of extra money 
for gasoline.....<vbg>

The workparty project for Saturday, May 24, starting around 11:00 a.m., are 
to complete the 2nd urbanite wall, and hopefully the 3rd as well.  I 
definately have enough for the 2nd wall, and the urbanite mine is about 5 
miles away, so we can re-supply in about a 30 minute turnaround.

The bread ovens will be started, and likely at least 1 or 2 completed.

Some general clean-up of the firepit area and branches from around the 
archery area and near the Broken Rock campsite of last year (and probably 
this year).

If time allows and hands aren't busy, we may start in on the village house 
frames from railroad ties.

Once again, bring work gloves, and if you have any of the 5 gallon buckets 
with bails, they are very useful for filling the walls with sand.  Weather 
looks to be cool, and possibly some rain.

If you have any questions, give me a call at home 208.524.1036.


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